Shapewear for more than just looks...

Shapewear For More Than Just Looks

Shapewear is a touchy subject. Some people love it some are against it. I am right in the middle. Now I am a huge supporter for loving your body and embracing the shape you have. But I also don’t see anything wrong with getting a little help to feel even more amazing in that dress for the holidays. But this shapewear is for more then just that dress you want to look great in. 


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KJCourture offers a variety of different shapewear pieces. But what really stood out to me was that they can be beneficial in other areas then just to hold yourself together. I have three ways to show you how yo use their shapewear. 

First we have the classic use, to smooth out your body shape. This is fantastic to feel amazing in your outfit for the holidays or for NYE! I feel so great when I can just smooth out the few trouble areas for me but still keep my shape! I also got the Slimming Strapless Bra and it is amazing! The support and comfort is exactly what I need for long nights at events and parties.


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The second use is for working out. This shapewear is designed to help your body with weight loss. This is NOT a waist trainer or anything like that. The focus with this is to help get your body temperature up when working out. This will help you start sweating and burning those calories. 


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The third way to wear this is to stay warm! These are thermal bodysuits so it is going to help keep that heat in! With the cold winter weather I am looking for anything to help me stay warm. Wearing the Thermal Weight loss Boyshort Bodysuit I can stay warm in the freezing cold weather we are having!

I am really happy with my KJCouture pieces, and they are really helping me with getting ready for the holidays and also with working out to keep myself on track with all the yummy holiday treats! This would be great if you want to add some more fitness into your new years resolution!

I am wishing you all a fantastic Monday! Check back everyday this week for more holiday posts leading up to Christmas!