My Faja (Waist Trainer) Doesn't Fit?!?


So you have finally made the investment in yourself and purchased one of our infamous Fajas. You anxiously wait for the package to be delivered! You open the package with anticipation, unwrap the KJC Blue Scented Tissue Paper and pull it out! Your Heart sinks, it looks TINY!! Not to worry, it does look small like there is no way it will fit, but if you ordered according to our sizing guidelines it should fit. It can be very difficult to get on the first time. Often times you will need assistance. We have put this video together to help you get your Faja o that very first time! If for some reason after watching this video you are still not able to get it on we do offer a one time exchange! We want you to be able to wear your faja so that you can join the thousands of KJC GIRLS that our losing inches daily! 

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