Maternity/Post Partum

There are many benefits to wearing shape wear during and immediately after your pregnancy. First and foremost wearing shapewear during your pregnancy will help to support your growing belly and prevent stretch marks. Stretch Marks occur when the pressure of the growing uterus stretches the skin abruptly. Wearing shape wear will help to prevent or minimize the occurrence of stretch marks. It will also help to give you a smooth silhouette under your maternity clothes. Wearing Post Partum shape wear is critical in eliminating the post baby pooch and reducing the size of your abdomen. Post Partum shape wear will use your bodies own natural momentum and assist your uterus in contracting down to its pre pregnancy size. It will also help to correct any diastasis Recti that has occurred this is a separation of the abdominal wall. f not corrected this problem will persist causing the "Pooch" in your abdomen