Shapewear Cheat Sheet

Shapewear Cheat Sheet

When it comes to Shapewear there are so many different options to choose from that it can be overwhelming to make a selection. Date night? A high School reunion perhaps, you may be looking for some shapewear but which item is right for you? We will show you our most popular shapewear products for the most troublesome problem areas.

Back Fat Rolls: Most Bras can often cause unsightly back bulges. Fight the battle of the back bulge with the KJC FAJA BRA. It is specifically designed to eliminate back fat rolls so that you can wear a fitted top with confidence. It also fits nicely on top of the KJC FAJA.


Waistline Enhancement: Need to accentuate your waistline? Its no longer just a thing of the past, women are now embracing their curves and accenuating their waist lines with shapewear. Want to have those extreme hourglass curves in your wedding dress or perhaps your pleated midi skirt? Our KJC FAJAs are not only designed to give you permanent waistline reduction they can also be worn underneath your favorite outfits to give you those instantly extreme curves. Our proprietary design is extremely discreet under all types of clothing.

BOOTY Needs BOOST: We have a full line of booty enhancing products, but by far our most popular is the Booty Lifter . The Booty Lifter is unique in that it instantly gives your butt a lift as well as a significant amount of added projection using no padding at all. The booty lifter utilizes the existing natural butt as well as surrounding fat (Thighs etc) and pulls it through the booty lifter holes. If anyone happens to give you a little booty tap its ALL YOU so no need to worry.


Instant Thigh Thinner: Our KJC Booty Shaper is just the thing you need. These powerful compression shorts will instantly thin your thighs and can also boost your booty (Removable Butt Pads included) . Made of a durable strong control power net with strategically placed seams to lift and minimize in all the right areas. This particular product is great under your favorite pair of jeans.

 Instant Liposuction: Smooth out your hips, thighs & tummy with the KJC Body Shapers . Available in Knee Length, Boy Short and thong. Do you need all over liposuction but do not have the time or the money and that special event is around the corner? Did you intend to lose 10lbs but just didn't reach your goal in time? The KJC Body Shapers will help you to look 10-15 lbs slimmer instantly. They are discreet under all types of clothing and will hold you in, in all the right places. No need to worry about fat spilling out or your tummy sticking out. Attend your event with confidence while wearing one of our Body shapers!


No matter what your problem area is we have a solution for you. Don't see what you are looking for here? Not to worry this is only a small sample of what we have to offer. Do you need help selecting the right item for you or perhaps help with sizing? Please give us a call or send an email we are always happy to help guide you in the right direction!

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