I wanted to share some key essentials to get summer ready! 

Girls just wanna have a tan! Tanning is the first essential to looking the bomb in a summer dress or swimsuit. My girls and I go to a spot called Mist Tans located in Danville, CA for that beautiful golden goddess look. Now if your bad and bougie on a budget Jergens has an awesome natural glow wet skin moisturizer that works wonders especially if your trying to get a quick tan on the go. 

Trying to lose a few pounds before the summer vacation hits? Waist training is also an addition to the list. The tummy is the toughest and this will help bring your confidence to an all time high when wearing a bikini.  Workouts and a well balanced diet go hand in hand with waist training. Either one is a must to get that summer bod.


Your skin is sacred so protect it! Remember to always use SPF so that you are far away from any sun damage. Even on gloomy days the UV rays can be powerful!


Shine to the gods! Highlight is a must especially for that pool party you were invited too. Wearing a tinted moisturizer on the face with highlight on the cheeks and tip of the nose will leave everyone speechless on your glow. You can even add some on your collarbone as well on the top of your shoulders for those selfies you know you'll be taking. 



Last, practicing self-love is the most important on this list. In order to look and feel amazing, confidence is what catches everyone's attention along with giving you a glow that only comes from within. Start to appreciate the power of positive thoughts, so start now and tell yourself every day how amazing you are. Below is a guidebook by Arie Rose to help you think and analyze where you can be by believing in yourself.

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