A KJC Girl's Results and How to Maintain after the Summer

A KJC Girl's Results and How to Maintain after the Summer


 Hey KJC Girls, the results are in!


I want to express a little bit about my Faja Journey within these 4 months. First starting at KJC I didn't have much knowledge on waist trainers and was hesitant on the outcome. We see all these celebrities wear them in pictures but do they really use them? I was unsure on rather this would help also if it would be way too painful to wear. As I got trained and filled with the knowledge of this product, I decided to give it a try. I will say my stomach has been a difficult part to lose as it goes for most women. I didn't have too much of a bulge but my love handles were difficult to manage. I began around the first week of May, measuring at 30 inches within my natural waist. This started me off in a Medium size KJC Faja in beige. The fitting was intimidating simply because I felt as if it was a hassle for Kate to put it on which if you have tried our products in the boutique you know now that this is completely normal and not to feel this way. The Faja is meant to compress and be tight giving you amazing posture, which is needed. My main problem with my back is my chest, sizing at 32DDD, waist training has helped improve this as well as losing inches all around my back and tummy. Each day I began wearing it for about 3-4 hours the first week as well as drinking lots of water. I will say it did take time to get used to not wearing something loose and away from the body. Not only that I really disliked the bulge created in the back at the top which was my fat being compressed. What I can tell you within 2 weeks that bulge began decreasing! Like the gym, a new diet or routine the hardest part is committing and being consistent. What was amazing to me about this product was that I was actually seeing and feeling results pretty fast. I wasn't waiting months it was happening everyday. My routine consisted putting it on right after taking a shower, getting ready and heading to work. I then would take it off within the 8 hours or as soon as I got home. The more I was consistent with just putting it on, I began wearing it up to 8 hours a day easily. My appetite became fewer portions and I was getting full faster, I didn't change my diet I was just eating less. Within this time frame I also decided not to workout to see if the results would be visible for those who don't have the time to attend a gym. I was able to already lose about 2 1/2 inches. At this point I just wanted to keep up to see more results. On my third week, I began the gym again and I wore the waist trainer during cardio or during the day. Some days I switched it up and just wore it at the gym, just during the day, or both. At my forth week I lost a total of 4 inches, that's when I began really believing and feeling lighter on my feet. I am all about curves, in which I wanted to stay the same everywhere else but just lose majority of the weight around my tummy and waist training helped a lot with that. Now I am totaling at 5 inches lost wearing a Small Kick Start Faja, but now the next step is maintaining especially after summer. Whenever I feel bloated or feel a little heavier I just put my waist trainer back on and start the process all over. That feeling will go away in a day or two and you'll be back on track. Think of it as a retainer for your teeth, no matter what, you need to maintain it's shape by wearing it. It goes the same for waist training key word train. We are training our body to stay within our goal or even to reach a greater goal but you must be consistent. That is the key to maintaining your waist after summer, which then leads up to the holidays and so on and so forth. Hope this gave you guys a better understanding of how waist training works and how to maintain during the upcoming holidays. Let me know if you have any further questions upon my journey!


With love,


Vanessa ( KJC Girl )

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