End of Summer Recap: Protecting Your Freakin Energy!

End of Summer Recap: Protecting Your Freakin Energy!

It’s coming to an end of the Summer Madness! At this point you’re losing your mind or on the peak of losing it. Your kids have been out of school for the summer and your just wanting some quiet. Not that you don’t love them or anything but you need them back in school so you can get back on a routine and back to being sane! As for others, maybe just being stressed from work, relationships or even family is what depletes your energy levels. Your sacred energy is something you really need to protect, it’s as important as your physical body! What drains your energy is ALWAYS giving and giving. We are in need of some replenishment, we need to nurture our supply of sacred energy.


5 Ways to Enhance Your Energy:



 I know you guys are probably thinking that’s what everyone says (rolls eyes). But it’s true! A simple 4 minute meditation will do wonders for your body. Your able to notice your breathing pattern as well as find a sense of peace with your body within only a few minutes . To just take a second, relax the mind and embark the quiet. 



 Going on a walk or hike around beautiful scenery will give you a sense of ease. You are able to be more grateful for the world around you. You can bring a friend, hubby, or just go with your fur babies! Connecting with nature makes a big impact on your energy and it will make you feel good about yourself.




 Exercise is a huge stress reliever which will not only having you your energy enhanced but it has you feeling great as well. Being active gives you personal power while also calming the nervous system after a workout. Don't forget to use your KJCFaja on those days where you are feeling bloated and lazy, the faja will help you maintain and get back in to the swing of things, this will help your confidence and over all good feels about yourself.




 A 30 minute bath at the end of the day with candles and bubbles in a dim light will do the body good. Put on a hair mask, even throw on a face mask so you feel like you're a million bucks and at a spa. You are able to enhance your energy as well as pamper yourself. Not only that! You will sleep like a baby! 




Some of you might think this is silly, but dressing up and getting ready boosts your confidence as well as the energy to conquer the day. Even if it means putting your hair up in a cute messy bun just do your make up and find an outfit you feel amazing in. Who cares if it’s just to run errands I’m telling you it helps! The way you see your exterior will help you feel awesome on the inside. 




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