How to Achieve a Brazilian Butt Lift with Shapewear and Not Surgery!

How to Achieve a Brazilian Butt Lift with Shapewear and Not Surgery!

What do Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Beyonce have in common? Aside from being A-List Celebrities, these three starlets also possess some of the most talked about backsides in Hollywood, and now, their famously curvy figures have inspired the latest trend in cosmetic plastic surgery known as the Brazilian Butt-Lift ( BBL) This highly popular procedure does not come without a hefty price tag. Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery can range anywhere from 10 - 40K and has it's fair share of side effects, Dimpling, injection site scarring etc. Not to mention, this is a "trend" and we all know that trends come and go. Do you really want to fork out thousands of dollars for a trend that could be gone as quick as it came? You can achieve the Brazilian butt Lift look with Shapewear! We have a variety of options that will give you the round voluptuous results of surgery.

Our latest product to hit the shelves is the Seamless Brazilian Butt Lift Shorts

Brazilian Butt Lift Shorts

 This seamless option will be your best kept secret. The invisible compression control bands separate the butt cheeks while your bottoms roundness, firmness and volume are maximized. The curve-defining design offers a comfortable hold with zero compromises on the figure sculpting effects of the thermal shorts.











Another wonderful option is the Colombian Booty Lifter with Latex

Colombian Booty Lifter with LatexThe Booty Lifter utilizes any additional soft tissue in and around the butt and pushes all of that tissue through the booty lifter holes to create a lifted and round butt. As with any compression garment — when used consistently over time — the results of wearing the booty lifter can permanently shift the soft tissue around the butt area, comfortably and invisibly giving your butt a lift and added projection. The added latex in the abdomen offers additional compression to assist you in flattening out the tummy area



If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, or perhaps you just might want to try it out without investing as much money, we would recommend our signature Booty Lifter cheap enough to buy several and wear daily as your underwear at only & &19.99



KJCOUTURE Booty Lifter This particular item works much like our other items however the material on this one is different. It does not provide any additional abdomen compression and is not as seamless however it does give you a nice round lift and projection.











Check out some of our KJC Babes wearing our most popular Booty Products. Click the photo to see what product they are wearing!

Booty Lifter

Rear Shapwer

Brazilian Butt Lifter Shorts





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