No Butts about it, how you can get the Butt lift you want without surgery!

No Butts about it, how you can get the Butt lift you want without surgery!

Unless you have been hiding under a rock, then you definitely know that Butts are in. In Music Videos, In Instragram Photos heck even in your neighborhood market. Big Voluptuous butts are officially everywhere. The current measure of sex appeal is directly linked to the size of a women's behind. There was a time when it was exactly the opposite a large butt was not exactly something that someone aspired to have. In fact women were constantly in pursuit of ways to reduce the size of their derriere thru exercise, diet or both. Even in fashion and on runways and in movies the booty was rarely a focal point and at some level it was down write shunned. Though nipples and breasts have longtime been a staple on the fashion runways butts certainly have not. But those days are surely behind us now. Gone are the days of those waif like silhouettes of Kate Moss and Gwenyth Paltrow. Women are now aspiring to achieve the Curves of Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. But how do you ask, how can they achieve this look? As history has shown the "body trends" surely do change, so surgery could be a really bad idea. Making surgical butt enhancements to enlarge the booty can be extremely expensive, potentially unsafe (non FDA approved menthods) as well as permanent. Do you really want to permanently alter your body when butts can be out just as quickly as they became "IN" That is where shapewear comes into play. Whether you are looking for a light lift or a more extreme shelf like booty we have you covered. Check out some of our styles below and decide which one is best for you. we have options from light to maximum and everything in between.

Looking for a light and natural option our rear shaper is a staple in your shapewear wardrobe.The fabric has targeted compression in specific areas of the body to control the right spots. Ultra-soft and light to softly control your figure with maximum comfort. This product will pull in any fat you have on your thighs and push it up thru the booty to give the natural appearance of a rounder behind that is all you.

KJC Rear Shaper (Light Control)

Our KJC Girl seen here with No Rear Shaper on the left and with the Rear Shaper on the right a subtle but noticeable change indeed.

Are you looking for something with a little more "Va Va Voom" but still on the conservative side. Or perhaps you not only want to enhance the rear you also need a little more help sucking in the tummy so that you don't have to. then the Seamless thermal shorts are for you. they provide more abdomen control and slightly more lift to the booty than its sister shaper (The rear Shaper)

Seamless Thermal Shorts (Light/Medium Control)

Ok now lets get to the fun stuff... If you want to add an extra VA to that VA VA VOOM, then how about our signature Booty Lifter!! This is for sure our most popular item. Mainly because it gives you the most lift and projection without any padding at all. You really have to try it to understand. It looks like a boy short but when worn correctly will almost look like a thong when it's on. It pulls all of your extra leg and thigh fat from your legs in to the booty holes doubling even tripling the size of your butt. The best part about it is it is all you! So don't worry about someone grabbing a handful of padding!

Booty Lifter (Firm Control)


Our KJC Girl seen here with and without the booty lifter to give you an idea how dramatic the effect can be

Ok so now lets get serious...time to review one of our padded options! A KJC GIRL Fav! The Invisible Padded Booty Shaper Shorts! This Shaper Short Boosts your Natural Booty And Slims your thighs. Undetectable under clothing. The compression material keeps your tummy, Hips and thighs condensed while enlarging your booty and giving added projection with padding.

Invisible Padded Booty Shaper Shorts (Maximum Control)

Padded Booty Shorts

Seeing is really believing with this particular product so here are a few photos of our KJC Girl Wearing this padded option! Talk about CURVES!

So as you can see we have something for every desired result. Many that aren't even pictured here so be sure to shop our entire collection of Booty Products and get ready to  turn some heads!

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