Shapewear Clothing in Here!

Shapewear Clothing in Here!

Finally clothing that shapes you instantly! Bodies by KJC is a new line of bodysuits and other clothing styles that are meant to shape you without having to wear several undergarments or be uncomfortable. I know you are probably thinking, "Come on, i'm not going to wear a Faja as clothing!" And you are right, you are not. We are constantly thinking of ways to make our shapewear less noticeable under clothing, more seamless and discreet, because lets be honest we want to be curvy and sexy but we do not want anyone to know what is underneath ;). I mean if someone ask me I always tell them my secret, but if not... I rather leave them wondering... Hehehe 

The line of bodysuits are designed to be worn daily. Wear it to work, school and everyday activities, the high amount of compression in the abdomen area it could almost feel as intense as a waist trainer, which is one of the reason why wearing the new Bodies by KJC will keep your waist training game on point. 

When we decided to experiment with the bodysuits and see if it will be something women can use on a daily basis, the first thing in our heads were "simple, easy, sexy and chic styles." The Bodysuit Cami Ref 202 is simple and casual comes in 3 colors black, nude and white. You can pair it with jeans, shorts and even under dresses as a body shaper! I did it here with this dress. They come with different panty styles. I personally like the panty style and the lace panty but if you prefer no panty lines then go for the thong style shaper. Now the bathroom situation KJCGirls is nothing to worry about most styles come with adjustable snaps at the bottom making it easy to use the bathroom!

Bodisuit Cami Ref 202


Bodysuit Sheer Long Sleeve Ref 275

Shapewear Bodysuit Keyhole w/ Thong Ref: 207


J and I literally wear the bodysuits everyday and I would find that not only has it helped me fit in to my skinny jeans but it has also taken away my insecurities when it comes to being bloated after eating. The intensity of these bodysuits are seriously no joke! They take you in by 2" instantly and the best part is no-one will know it's a bodyshaper. We want to make sure the styles are just like any regular piece of clothing. As we grow and expand, we will add new colors and styles. We are just getting started KJCGirls!

All of the bodysuits are made with 100% Authentic Materials made and produced in Colombia. The Powernet and designs are exclusive to KJCouture. For more info or help with sizing email me or call the store directly!



MrsCEO Kim 




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