The latest tips to reduce 3" in just weeks!

The latest tips to reduce 3" in just weeks!

Hey Dolls Happy March! 2020 is really flying, Spring starts the 19th and summer will be here in no time ... Lets get straight to the point so over the winter I put on a few extra Lb's and fell of my faja wagon 100%! Traveling and living my best life indulging on food really got me and I gain 10 extra pounds and 5" around my waist, so I decided to get discipline and get back in to my waist training wagon. Every time I get serious about waist training and wearing my Kimmi Couture Faja, I reduce 2-3" in just 7 days. I know amazing, right? The reason why it happens so fast is because of muscle memory and since I waist trained for a very long time I tend to reduce very fast. Here are the things I consistently been doing since I jumped back on my faja wagon! 

1. I wake up early in the AM and put on my Waist Trainer on an empty stomach.

2. Drink 1 Cup of coffee and Protein Bar for breakfast. (Low Calories)

3. I stay hydrated by drinking only water and tea during the day with no sugars. 

4. After 3pm I avoid all carbs and try to only eat vegetable and high protein foods. 

5. I wear my faja for a minimum of 6-8 Hours and only take it off once I get home and  get ready for bed.

6. The key to making this work is honestly consistency and avoiding fatty foods and sugars. 

I alternate between shapers but this 2 right here are my go to FAJAS! 

Waist Trainer Colombian Faja 

Body Shaper Thong 


Follow my waist training journey on my instagram and ask me any questions. I'm here to help you and guide you during this process



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