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Your Guide to the KJC Shapewear Booty Products! Which one is right for you?!?

We rate them on a scale of 1-5 Peaches  (From Least to Most Booty projection)

Deciding which booty product is right for you can be overwhelming. Chances are several products are right for you depending on what and when you will be wearing it. BUTT,  do not worry...Whatever your booty needs are, we've got you covered!

The KJC Rear Shaper       $39.99  

  • Ideal for Daily use
  • Great Seamless option, Undetectable under any clothing
  • Skin Fuse Material Slims thighs
  • Lifts butt cheeks Naturally
  • Adds a natural looking increased Butt Projection
  • High Waist helps to compress Love Handles
  • Control Level- Light
  • Butt Result- Upside down heart



Abdomen Contouring Seamless Thermal Short  $39.99   

Abdomen Contouring Seamless Thermal Shorts
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Seamless under most clothing
  • Increased compression in abdomen
  • Slims thighs
  • Strategic Seams Give natural butt lift
  • Adds Natural looking Butt Projection
  • Control Level- Medium
  • Butt Result - Round



Booty Lifter $19.99  

at only $19.99 this is our most economical option. Many customers purchase multiple pairs and wear these daily as underwear

Booty lifter
  • Can be worn Daily as Underwear
  • Pulls your natural butt tissue up and projects outward through holes in garment
  • compresses fat on thighs and pushes thru the holes to create increased projection
  • Looks Great with Jeans
  • Note: This garment DOES not slim thighs or compress abdomen
  • Control Level - Light
  • Butt Result - Round

Colombian Booty Lifter with Latex $44.99  

  • Pulls your Natural Butt Tissue up and projects outward through holes in Garment
  • Compresses Fat on thighs and pushes through holes to create increased projection
  • Contains a Layer of Latex on abdomen to help hold in and compress stomach area
  • Powernet Material helps to slim thighs and smooth love handles
  • Looks Great with Jeans
  • Control Level- Firm Control 
  • Butt Result- Round

Brazilian Butt Lift Shorts  $44.99  

Brazilian Butt Lift Shorts
  • Pulls your Natural Butt Tissue up and projects outward through small holes in Garment
  • Compresses Fat on thighs and pushes through holes for increased projection
  • Invisible control bands separate the butt cheeks
  • Increased compression in abdomen
  • Seamless under most clothing
  • Slims Thighs
  • Control Level - Medium
  • Butt Result- Round Bubble Butt


Butt Sculpting Shorts * Hot New Item* $49.99  

Butt Sculpting Shorts
  • The high waist design and firm compression flatten your midsection and create a slim, feminine shape.
  • Seamless Under Most clothing
  • Keeps the cheeks Sky High with an enhanced Butt Lift 
  • Increased Butt Projection
  • The compression provides sculpting and support for the hips and thighs 
  • Control Level- Medium
  • Butt Result- Round & Perky (Ultra Lift)


Magic Booty $59.99  

Magic Booty
  • Can Be worn Daily as underwear
  • Seamless under most clothing
  • Removeable Butt Enhancing Pads
  • Gathered elastic seam Lifts rear
  • Perfect to wear with shorts!
  • Butt Result - Round Projected Booty





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