What is a Lymphatic Drain Massage ?

What is a Lymphatic Drain Massage ?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a type of massage therapy that helps relieve swelling and inflation that occurs when medical treatment or poor health causes blockages to the lymphatic system. This is the part of the body that protects us from infection and disease.

The lymphatic system sits alongside the body’s cardiovascular system, quietly helping to look after your health. The reason it is so important is because it performs three critical functions. It supports your immune system by removing toxins, dead blood cells, pathogens and other waste. It helps your body to absorb fats and fat-soluble vitamins from your digestive system, delivering these nutrients to cells where they’re used as fuel. And it also removes excess fluid known as ‘lymph’ and waste products from the spaces between the cells and organs of the body.

A healthy lymphatic system can become compromised due to illness, lack of physical activity, surgery, stress, poor diet or toxic overload. This can lead to a range of issues, including tissue swelling, poor skin tone, excess weight, cellulite, headaches, joint pain, fatigue and greater susceptibility to illness.

The benefits of regular lymphatic massages have great results and can help you stay healthy, recover faster from cosmetic surgery and build a stronger immune system. 

As we know, the lymphatic system can often get blocked or overrun because of things like stress, illness and an unhealthy lifestyle. While a good diet and regular exercise are important, lymphatic drainage massage can give your lymphatic system a boost, leading to a wide range of health, aesthetic and fitness benefits.” 

These include:

  • Reducing swelling caused by water retention
  • Boosting the immune system to help prevent illness and disease 
  • Removing pathogens and toxins
  • Improving digestion
  • Helping you feel lighter and less bloated
  • Aiding sleep and relaxation
  • Improving body shape
  • Supporting faster muscle recovery to aid with exercise

Book a 60 minute Lymphatic Drain Massage  and experience all the great benefits, weather you had surgery or not, your body will thank you! 


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