Falling off The Wagon

Falling of the Wagon

By Mrs Ceo J

Getting back on the wagon in just 14 days! Find out how...Read on

We are all human. Everyone falls off the wagon now and again! I mean EVERYONE!! Here are just a few tips and tricks that work for me.

 First and foremost, don’t beat yourself up if you’ve had a weak moment, brush that off and start fresh! The KEY Is to not let the WEAK moment become a WEEK. Try not to string multiple weak moments together.

Here I am after a good 10 Days of Pizza, Donuts, Chocolate & more pizza


During the 10 Days not only did I eat bad but I stopped wearing my Faja, & Fit Strap and did minimal exercise.

 To get back to normal I basically hopped back on to the KJC Waist Training Program. With a few tweaks to speed the process up a bit.

  1. I Put my faja back on but started with the first clasp again until I could comfortably work my way back to the third.
  2. For the first 3 days I drastically cut back my carbs. I only ate carbs in my first meal. The rest of the day my only carbs came from greens
  3. I slowly introduced carbs Back in after day 4 (eating carbs in meals 2 & 3) I typically stay away from carbs in the evenings
  4. I started up my Strip Teas tea tox (as per the program) This is highly important especially after bad eating. The excess Sugar and starches in my body created inflammation and bloat that the tea is essential in reducing.

 That is pretty much it in a Nutshell. I repeat this process as needed after bad meals. I typically eat a bad meal 1 -2 times per week. As long as it is only 1 bad meal and I start back with step one the day after it virtually does no damage to my appearance. It is when I string multiple bad meals together that I do some damage (as pictured above)

 Day 7


Day 14

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