The Maternity Program

The Maternity Program

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your body is changing daily! Some things are out of your control, but if there are some small steps you can take that might prevent stretch marks why not take them?!?!

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The growing uterus puts alot of pressure on the skin during pregnancy. Unfortunately, that pressure sometimes results in stretch marks. Some say it is hereditary and there is nothing you can do, others swear certain methods prevented them from getting stretch marks. Our philosophy is this, the worst that can happen is that you still get stretch marks anyways regardless of your methods to prevent them, but the best case is that you actually prevent yourself from getting them or get less of them.

Wearing the Seamless Pregnancy Shaper particularly during the third trimester provides that extra support on the lower abdomen. The extra support can help to prevent stretch marks occurring during sudden movements. Think of your skin like a pair of nylons, if nylons are tight on your kneee but you hold down your knew while bending will that help to prevent the nylon from running?! Its the same concept.

Always stay hydrated, control your weight, eat a nutrient-rich diet (vitamin C, D and E, protein), and use of topical oils/creams daily.  The idea is that supple moisturized skin is less likely to crack and tear during stretching.