Post Partum Program

KJC Post Partum Program


Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Being a MOM is the single most important job you will ever have. We love our #KJCMOMS!! KJCOUTURE's Founder, Kim (aka @kimmicouture), is a mother to a beautiful daughter. Through her own experiences and also from working with mom’s all over the world to get their bodies back after pregnancy we bring you this info! Happy Confident Mommies make wonderful mothers.

Please always remember to consult your physician before embarking on any program. Your health and well being are our #1 concern.

The use of a waist trainer and compression garments post partum is crucial You are helping your body along a natural process of reducing itself back to pre pregnancy size. The Uterus will contract on its own but the compression will aid in this process. The use of a waist trainer will also help you close up the abdominal wall (opens during pregnancy to accommodate the growing uterus)

Products Needed to follow Program 

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-KJC FAJA Click here to purchase

-KJC Reducing Gel Click here to purchase

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-KJC Body Shaper Knee Click here to purchase

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If you have followed our Maternity program then you should already have a Maternity Support Panty. You will want to pack this in your hospital bag. You will wear it home from the hospital. It takes a bit for your uterus to contract back down after birth. You will still have a “prego” looking belly when you leave the hospital. The light compression of the support panty will help the process along.

After a couple of days you should be ready for the Post Partum Panty. This panty has a velcro closure that you can gradually tighten as you feel well enough to do so. Your uterus is continuing to contract back down to it’s original size, the compression provided in the panty will help this process along.

Continue using the post partum panty the first couple of weeks post partum. Once you have had your first checkup post childbirth with your Dr. and they give you the all clear  you should measure yourself for the KJC FAJA (Use sizing guidelines) and KJC Body Shaper Knee (refer to size chart) Purchase the correct sizes for your current measurements according to the size charts on our website.

Begin by wearing the KJC body Shaper. This should be worn for as many hours as possible. It can be worn while sleeping as well. We recommend 12-18 hours a day but can be worn 24 hours if you can bare it. Once you have gotten used to that you can begin wearing the KJC FAJA. Start with 1-2 hours a day working your way up to 8-10. (The KJC FAJA should not be work while sleeping)This should be a gradual process. Do not rush it. Always listen to your body. You should still continue to wear the KJC Body Shaper in conjunction with the KJC FAJA. Put your Faja on first and wear the body shaper over it for maximum results.

Keep in mind that it is expected that you will to move thru Faja sizes pretty quickly as you Waist Train Post Partum. Particularly in the beginning but slowing down as you get closer to your goal. You should expect to go thru 3-5 Faja sizes. Now that you are using the KJC FAJA you can begin to Follow the KJC Waist Training Program which will go over how often to wear it, & how you should eat and exercise.

**Please consult your physician before embarking on any fitness/waist training/diet routine

**If you have had a c-section you’re incision must be fully healed before using a KJC FAJA and always consult your physician before doing so. 

KJC Reducing Gel should be used all throughout this process. The reducing gel should be applied every morning and night. It helps to reduce toxins and shed water from the abdomen. The natural extracts also help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks and give the skin an overall tighter appearance.

If you have any questions at all throughout this process please reach out to our KJC Curvologists! They are happy to assist you. 



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