Waist Training For Fitness Competitors

Whether you want to admit it or not. Tiny Waists are in! For some reason or another people feel shamed to admit they are "waist training" as if it were some form of cheating. The fact of the matter is, it is just another tool used to help achieve the esthetic look that the judges are looking for. No different than taking a fat burner to burn off that last bit of love handles or using a weight belt to support your back. It's not cheating, it's not a shortcut and it certainly isn't easy. Don't get caught up on stage standing next to someone who has been waist training when you haven't been. 

Take a look at these top girls from 2014 Olympia. The 2 time winner Ashley Kaltwasser Stands out considerably from the other girls with her TINY WAIST. I have no idea if she waist trains,  hers could be genetic, but still a great indicator as to what the judges are looking for.

Or how about the 2014 Physique Olympia Jeremy Buendia. Look at how tiny his waist is.

This PRO Physique Competitor has come out publicly on Social Media crediting Waist Training with his "Tiny Waist"

You can clearly see the effects of Waist Training in his after pic!!

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How does Waist Training for competitors differ from "Regular" Waist Training?

It doesn't necessarily differ. The basics of waist training are the same for competitors as they are for anyone else. As a competitor you can Follow the KJC Waist Training Program. But let's face it as with any competitive sport sometimes you have to take things up a notch to gain that edge.

How do I take it up a notch?

First and Foremost, you should wear your waist trainer all waking hours. As long as you can possibly bare it. The more you wear it the better your results will be. In the basic program we recommend at least 8 hours, but for a competitor who is gearing up for an upcoming show I would say a minimum of 12 hours per day.

We would also recommend wearing the Fit Strap with the KJC Reducing gel during sauna sessions. This will help to expel toxins and lose water from your lower back and abdomen.

The Secret Weapon!

KJCOUTURE has come up with an exclusive product that we have called "The Skinny Strap" The Skinny Strap is designed to wear on top of your KJC FAJA but only covers the rib cage area. This gives you that extra compression needed to bring the ribs in closer together. This can be painful. and should only be worn as long as you can bare it. The Skinny Strap is available for purchase on our website.


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Results are addicting... Not convinced? Check back often, we will continue to post progress of our Competitors.

The Athlete pictured below beta tested the skinny strap for us. Lost 3 solid inches off her waist and 3.5 on her rib cage!


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5/9/15-Mrs CEO J

Waist Training is becoming increasingly popular amongst Competitors. Although it still seems to be a bit of taboo to actually discuss it, it is clear to me that competitors have really caught the waist training bug. Spotting someone who Waist trains is easy for the trained eye. I spent the afternoon at the Contra Costa NPC show and spotted quite a few "Waist Trainers" amongst the competitors both Men and Women. It was also clear that those competitors sporting those tiny waists were favored by the judges. Tiny Waists and Nice round flutes seem to be the 2 things the judges are looking for! Take a look at this interview with someone fresh off the stage who is not afraid to admit her dirty little secret :)