The Booty Lifter Panty
The Booty Lifter Panty
The Booty Lifter Panty
The Booty Lifter Panty
The Booty Lifter Panty
The Booty Lifter Panty

The Booty Lifter Panty

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We like to consider ourselves Butt Lifter and Booty Shaper experts!

Booty Lifter Boy Short can be worn by anyone whether you want to enhance your existing rear or if you have no rear at all. This particular style can be worn daily and over time will yield permanent results. Train your thigh and buttocks fat to go to all the right places!

The affordable price of this particular allows you to wear this daily! The more you wear the more effective and long term your results can be.

If you have a 'pancake booty,' this is the perfect solution for you.

The booty lifter is perfect under your favorite pair of jeans or your hottest bodycon dress. However we must warn you, we are not responsible for the amount of attention wearing the booty lifter will give you!

The Booty Lifter Product is perfect if you have some existing butt tissue. How's how the Booty Lifter works:

  • The Booty Lifter can be worn underneath any type of clothing
  • The Booty Lifter will pull your natural butt tissue up and help to project it outward and up, giving your booty a nice round shape.
  • The Booty Lifter is ideal if you have extra fat on your thighs (Saddle Bags)
  • The Booty Lifter will compress the fat on the thighs and shift it through the booty lifter holes to create additional projection on the butt.

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The Booty Lifter utilizes any additional soft tissue in and around the butt and pushes all of that tissue through the booty lifter holes to create a lifted and round buttocks. As with any compression garment — when used consistently over time — the results of wearing the booty lifter can permanently shift the soft tissue around the butt area, comfortably and invisibly giving your butt a lift and added projection

Please note: this product doesn't have any padding.

Before ordering, please review our sizing chart to find the right size for you. 

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